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Run Business Smart - Low TCO

Running a smart daycare centre with low total cost of ownership (TCO) requires a combination of cost-effective solutions and smart technology. AmpliSmart can help you by using efficient and cost-effective tools, including long-lasting materials, smart technology for attendance tracking, communication with parents, and scheduling, the automation of routine tasks, proper staff training, and energy-efficient lighting and heating systems. We help you use smart technology to improve the efficiency of your daycare centre. We help train your staff to ensure they can use technology effectively and efficiently. This helps maximise the benefits of automation and smart technology.

Management System

Efficient Management System

AmpliSmart is an efficient nursery management software that involves the use of specialised software to streamline various aspects of a preschool's operations. This includes student enrollment, attendance tracking, staff management, billing and invoicing, communication, and curriculum planning. Ampli Nursery management software can also help you manage your staff effectively. Furthermore, you can also use our software to communicate with parents and staff through various channels such as email, text messages, and newsletters. This can help keep everyone informed and up-to-date with important information about the preschool. Ampli Smart Nursery Management Software can help preschools save time, reduce errors, and improve efficiency, allowing them to provide better education and care to their students.

Our Features

Design & Info Bits


Organize Your Childcare Facility

Efficiently manage and streamline your childcare operations with organized scheduling, clear communication, and attentive staff.


Simplify Your Everyday Activities

Automate and simplify daily tasks, such as attendance tracking, meal planning, and billing, to save time and improve productivity in your childcare facility.


Strengthen Your Faculty and Staff

Provide ongoing training and support to your childcare staff to build a knowledgeable, competent, and cohesive team that delivers high-quality care to children.


Engage Parents and Families

Engaging parents in your childcare facility creates a collaborative and supportive partnership that benefits both the child and the caregiver.


Expand Your Daycare Business

Maximize your daycare business's potential by offering unique and personalized services that cater to the individual needs of each child and their families.


Enable Digital Payrolls And Timesheets

Streamline your daycare center's administrative tasks with digital payroll and timesheet management to improve accuracy and efficiency.

app integration

App Integration

AmpliSmart offers an integrated daycare management software that can help daycare centres streamline various aspects of their operations, including parent portal integration for managing enrollment, scheduling, and payments online. Attendance tracking integration helps automate the process of tracking child attendance while curriculum planning integration enables teachers to plan and implement age-appropriate activities and track student progress. Staff management, billing and invoicing, and communication tools are also integrated to help daycare centres save time, reduce errors, and improve efficiency, allowing them to focus on providing high-quality care to their children.


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